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Do-It-Yourself Designer Series®

Because Sometimes, You Don’t Know Where To Start

DIY projects begin with a dream or vision – and sadly, never make it past that stage. Sure, you can draw something on paper, watch a few YouTube videos and wander through your local big box retailer for supplies. But where do you start?

Big Hammer Design Software takes care of the DIYer’s biggest concern (and often, their biggest weakness) – safety and engineering. Based on the International Residential Code which is presented by the International Code Council, no design software compares to the safe, secure designs Big Hammer delivers.

You’ll be able to design the project of your dreams, visualize it against an image of your home, receive a materials list down to the last screw – and enjoy the confidence that the structure you’ve designed is safe and reliable for years of use.

Got Internet Explorer and an idea of the project you want to build? Get started today!